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How to install the Delivery Module on an Android device.


Installing the Program

This program is also available for some phones on Google Play. Do a search for WSWRoute. The link for the program is

If the program was previously installed using a method other than the Google Play Store, you will need to uninstall the program before you install it for the first time from the Play Store. Make sure you are finished with the route and have sent it first.

Alternate Method for Install Program

If you have issues loading the app from Google Play, the program can be downloaded and installed from

In order to use this method, you will have to Enable Unknown Sources. The newer Android versions will let you do this just once as you install it. If this is not the case for your device, you may need to go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources or something similar.

Running the Program

Once the program starts, it should take you into the Edit Options menu. Your wswid will be given you by a software support personnel. Your driverid will be the employee id for the driver running the route and the security key will also be provided to you.

At that point, tap on Get Route. It should display a Route run number. Tap on the Routerun information and the Get Route button should appear. Tap it and wait for it to download. If it is successful, it will go directly to the route list. 

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