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Lost Connection


If you are experiencing an error that says you have lost connection, this is very likely an issue with your Internet connection.

This happens when WaterSoftWare tries to access the database that contains your data, such as looking up a customer or any error mentioning a lost connection.

If the Internet connection has dropped since the last time you accessed the database, it will bring up this error and shut down the program.

You may not notice any other programs such as email or web browsers indicating such a problem.

The reason for this is that when they try to access the Internet, if there is no connection, they try to make the connection again.

Because of the nature of the large amount of data that is accessed by WaterSoftWare, this is not a feasible way to access the database. It would slow WaterSoftWare down too much.

The bad connection could be caused by routers that may just need shut down and reset, a bad WiFi signal or cables that are corroded. Sometimes restarting the PC will help with a bad connection issue. 

If only one PC is experiencing an issue, it could be an internal network issue. This is very seldom a problem with the server that the data resides on.

If it is, we will certainly get it resolved as quickly as possible. 


Here are some step to try if it happens more than once in a short time frame.

- Restart PC

- Restart the router, switch and/or WiFi connecting you to the internet.

- Check and/or replace cables connecting to the Internet or network.

- Check with your Internet Provider and see if they are having issues.

If it becomes a concern after you have tried the steps above, feel free to Submit a Ticket.


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