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Installing the Servitech App on the IPad


1. If you are re-installing and the Appeon Mobile app is already on your Ipad, You must delete it.

2. Hold down on the Appeon Mobile icon until the icon begins to 'shake'.

3. Click the 'X' to delete.

4. On your IPad, scan this QR Code with the camera

Ipad QRCode

5. At the top tab tap 'Open in ITunes' then "Install". IF your IPad is an older model, it may not scan the QR Code. In that case, click HERE for alternate instructions.

6. Press the home button to go back to the main screen. You should see an 'Installing' icon that will change to 'AppeonMobile' when finished.

7. Go to Settings - General - Device Management 

8. Tap "Appeon Corporation (HK) Limited" - "TRUST Appeon Corporation (HK) Limited" - TRUST

9. Press the home button to go back to the main screen and tap AppeonMobile

10. If it asks about Notifications, click Allow.

11. Click Add App and in the App URL type in 

12. and 'Test Connection'

13. Tap the back arrow icon in the top left corner.

14. Tap the 'servitech' icon.


ALSO, the Google Maps app from the App Store must be installed for the Google maps features in Servitech to work.


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